Quality in home care with our professional live-in caregivers

GLOBAL CAREGIVER is solely owned by JOB ASIA CONSULTANCY PTE LTD. Job Asia is a Professional headhunting and recruitment company which was established in 2005. Since then Job Asia has aided and placed professionals, middle to senior management staff from different countries for various Engineering Companies, F&B Outlets, Hotels and Major companies in the Sales and Service Sector here in Singapore. We also have a department that recruits and places Foreign Domestic workers for House Hold Clients. Over the last 10 years, we have realised that many of our clients are in need of specialised caregivers who are trained or have medical background to look after the Elderly and Family members with a medical condition. As a Specialised Headhunting Company, we undertook an extensive study of the need and of medically trained caregivers and the level of Caregiving needed in Singapore. With the ageing population, more and more citizens are diagnosed with different medical conditions connected with ageing. Therefore, we started a extra service, Global Caregiver.

Mission and Vision

Here at Global Caregiver we are devoted to seniors and the chronically disabled who aren’t ready to leave their home for an institutional setting or who live with relatives, but because of illness or chronic conditions need support to remain at home. Caring for a client often involves family, so we play a role in providing a respite for the primary family caregiver, i.e., a wife caring for a husband or a daughter/son caring for their parents. Constant caregiving can bring great stress, because the caregiver’s focus is centred on the one needing care. Very often we see that when we give relief from daily routines, allowing the family caregivers more time for themselves, the relationship strengthens.